Name: Darius P. Tarsio – BSEE, MBA
Address (Perú): La Molina, Lima Perú
Address (USA): Mustang, OK 73064
Email Mr. Tarsio: Contact form below
Phone (USA): +1 (469) 548-1616
Celular (Perú): +51 949-339-759
Skype: DexaResources
Zello: DexaResources
To future employers,

I spend several months every year working on contracts in the United States. The rest of the year I live with my family and work from my South America office. For interested employers or very long-term contracts, relocating is not a problem although in my field of work I have found that working remotely usually applies to 80% of contracts. Hardware design is usually done in the United States and software integration is done remotely.

Best Regards,
Darius Tarsio