To attain a position where I may utilize over ten years of experience and skills in engineering, computer science and business administration. Provide excellent technical management, engineering consulting and contract services for hi-tech, private, government or financial organizations.


FAA, Oklahoma City, OK
February 2024 – present

Senior Software Engineer

    • Federal Aviation Administration software, firmware and hardware development
    • Office: FAA Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, Oklahoma City, OK
    • Containerize and migrate build processes and software systems
    • Develop and implement CI/CD pipelines for legacy systems
    • Develop automated testing scripts and procedures for new pipelines
    • Improve radar automation and target acquisition
    • Design and develop new hardware for civilian radar systems
    • Integrate long range radar with third party monitoring systems
    • Transition software teams to Scaled Agile Framework SAFE
    • Design custom hardware to facilitate automation and remote operation
    • Develop automation using AI

CHANGEIS, Inc., Arlington, VA
August 2020 – February 2024
Senior Software Engineer

    • Federal Aviation Administration software development contractor
    • Office: FAA Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, Oklahoma City, OK
    • Write and maintain middleware ( Java, Oracle, PL/SQL)
    • Containerize and migrate software systems (Openshift, Kubernetes)
    • Work with large agile software development teams

October 2019 – August 2020
Senior Development Engineer

  • Front and back end software design using open source and frameworks
  • Product development advanced CAD design
  • PC board design, layout and coding
  • Manage customer engineering projects
  • Set up manufacturing and prototyping
  • Repair and program manufacturing equipment
  • Set up and manage corporate IT tools such as Asterisk & OpenProject
  • Build prototypes using industrial equipment such as welding, CNC, injection molding
  • Plan and discuss software design and project management with clients

June 2015 – October 2019
Operations Manager

Dexa Resources is a multi-disciplinary hi-tech engineering product and software development firm providing independent expertise in engineering, computer science and related areas to industries, governments, product developers and construction firms.

Information Technology:

  • Computer science consultancy services
  • Blockchain and advanced encryption application development
  • Encryption applications for banking and highly sensitive document sharing
  • Develop blockchain for precious metals trading platform
  • Develop blockchain for messaging, smart contract and legal documents
  • Experience in more than 10 programming languages
  • Utilizing multiple programming and operating system platforms
  • Advanced Java, C++ development, Backend PHP applications
  • Mobile application development; Microsoft software development
  • “Internet of Things” – Integrating products with internet connectivity
  • Microcontroller device integration such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino and PIC
  • SSL integration server client encryption algorithms
  • TCP/IP port and IDS server monitoring to identify and neutralize threats
  • Port forwarding, tunneling, proxies sockets and DNS masking automated configurations
  • IPV4 to IPV6 large scale migration planning and full scale execution
  • DDOS monitoring and prevention services
  • js asynchronous event-driven I/O server-side JavaScript environment integration
  • SOAP, REST and Cpanel API integration
  • BI & Big data web development; Database development, maintenance and migration
  • ERP / CRM implementation, setup and back end development
  • Software integration & customization; Back end server administration
  • Enterprise server automated access control; Security access control systems
  • Magento and E-commerce platform integration and custom module creation
  • Advanced web development, SEO and customized hosting
  • Implementation of web crawlers and spiders to gather statistics

Product Development Engineering:

  • Engineering contractor providing development engineering and contract manufacturing services
  • Multi-discipline engineering services overseeing the conception and design of manufactured goods
  • R&D; 3D Printing; Advanced 3D CAD and reverse engineering services
  • Rapid prototyping; CNC machining; Injection molding design
  • Metallurgy and materials science including working with plastics and exotic materials
  • CAD and PCB modeling including library development
  • Integration and programming of PLC – programmable logic controllers
  • Development and management of manufacturing techniques and processes
  • Staff augmentation and offshore outsourcing of manufactured goods
  • Business process mapping; Facilities planning; Process outsourcing
  • Advanced microcontroller programming with emphasis on IOT and RF applications
  • QA – Production and software quality assurance
  • Technical product manuals and technical blogging

September 2006 – June 2015
Operations Manager

Renewable Energy:

  • Environmental consulting; Commercial & residential renewable energy engineering projects
  • Mechanical engineering design; Electric vehicle parts & structural mounting devices for renewable energy projects
  • Provided integration and electrical consulting services for grid and off grid connected power systems
  • Solar and wind power installation; Renewable construction logistics management
  • Renewable energy product development and manufacturing; Development of energy storage devices
  • Engineering design and planning for utility connection

Construction & Engineering:

  • Project budgeting, negotiation and quotation; Managing electrical construction and construction teams
  • Commercial steel buildings construction
  • Managing multiple construction crews to complete building erection
  • Concrete foundation forming, rebar and pour
  • Operation of heavy equipment and specialized tools such as backhoes, skytrak and scissor lifts
  • Metallurgy and professional high precision machining; Structural welding
  • Electrical, plumbing, waste and other utility design, management and installation
  • 3D CAD design including moving assemblies and commercial construction layouts
  • Teaching – hands on engineering trade courses, CAD design, product design and development, business engineering
  • Single phase & Three Phase commercial electrical design and installation
  • Building client relationships, building supplier relationships and improving logistics

July 2007 – July 20011
Technical Director

  • Corporate event planning
  • Stage and lighting set up and teardown
  • Operation and repair of high end stage equipment
  • Smart intelligent lighting design
  • Venues of 1000 and more

June 2006 – July 2007
Web Ecommerce Developer / Systems Administrator / IT Consultant

  • Website and database development
  • Business process and logistics improvement

June 2001 – November 2004
GEM – IC Emulation ASIC Design, Associate Member, Technical Staff

  • Coded Unix and PC tools, used in design flow, to increase speed and productivity
  • CMOS logic schematic designs, burn-in designs, layout, and LVS checks for military parts
  • Developed digital libraries from modeling through characterization
  • Analyzed and modified modeling parameters to produce low error curves and accurate models
  • Semiconductor laboratory layout, design, management and maintenance
  • Set up and maintained circuit debugging laboratory equipment and PC hardware
  • Set up equipment such as metal working machining and semiconductor test equipment
  • Evaluated and installed various software packages for our design team
  • Operated Nd:YAG lasers and aligned laser optics
  • Etched glass with HF to prepare parts for probing
  • Trained in industrial laser safety
  • Currently SRI International

RADIO SHACK, Nanuet, NY and Nyack, NY
July 1998 – May 2001
Sales Associate / Assistant Manager

  • Provided service to retail customers regarding electronic equipment and components
  • Participated in highly competitive commission based sales
  • Supervised night staff of employees

3D CAD, Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, Mastercam CAD/CAM, G-Code, C++, Borland C++, C, HTML, GDB, XEMACS, PICO, VI, AWK, VHDL, TCL, WinTcl, Ample, Perl, Assembly, Visual Basic, Scripts for Unix and PC circuit design tools, ASP, PHP, SQL, Microsoft Access, All Microsoft Office Tools, Hspice, Cadkey, Matlab, Xilinx, CodeWarrior, Telnet, Ftp, .NET, C#, Node.js framework

Mentor Graphics Circuit Design and Simulation, Mentor Graphics Layout, Cell Library Builder, Aldec Simulation, Leonardo Synthesis, Jasc Paintshop Pro, ICCAP Transistor Modeling, All Microsoft Windows Versions and Platforms, Unix, Linux, MS-DOS, Mac OS, Palm OS Software and Tools, Several electric vehicle control system interfaces and coding, .NET Framework using VB, C#, MySQL and mssql database programming and management, Elation Compuware professional high end lighting design


Master’s in Business Administration – International Business
April 2008University of Dallas, Irving, TX
Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business

MBA Projects:

  • CAPM models, Ibbotson historical returns, WACC, CCC, and EVA calculations for company profile analysis
  • University department business process mapping and business process improvement mapping
  • Several creative management improvement techniques and leadership projects to maximize work flow
  • Detailed financial ratio analysis and predictions for a company profile
  • RFID detailed marketing plan with pricing, ROI, break even, and future product strategies
  • Supply chain management and improvement techniques
  • International business development and supply chain improvement
  • Renewable energy systems research, design and installation
  • International product advertising
  • Product Import/Export and customs border control considerations
  • International finance – arbitrage, speculation, etc.

Bachelor’s of Science – Electrical Engineering
March 2001Ohio University, Athens, OH
Russ College of Engineering and Technology
Dean’s List, Academic Achievement Award

  • Completed Computer Engineering and Computer Science course work

Senior Design:

  • Developed GPS navigation system for Palm Pilot
  • Performed serial port coding in C using CodeWarrior

Photovoltaic Systems – Installation and Maintenance
February 2006FARMINGDALE UNIVERSITY, Farmingdale, NY

  • Intensive study of photovoltaic system design, maintenance, and safety
  • Sizing up photovoltaic systems depending on load, amount of sun, and detailed solar cell specifications
  • Backup battery design and maintenance
  • Hands on installation of solar arrays, inverters, and back feeds
  • OSHA, NEC code requirements and interconnection requirements
  • Proper use of roof safety devices, data loggers and sun finders
  • Provide educational solar/wind power seminars for the public
  • Domestic and international consulting and design for commercial
    and residential renewable energy engineering projects
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • American Radio Relay League (ARRL)
  • Crossmen Drum and Bugle Corps, Raiders Drum and Bugle Corps, Frontier Drum and Bugle Corps
  • Ohio University Chamber Ensemble
  • Ohio University Orchestra, New York State All-State Orchestra

Computer hardware, automotive and home repair, model aircraft, amateur radio (KC8PMK), bodybuilding, karate, photography, softball, mountain biking, snowboarding, billiards, deep-sea fishing, paintball, violin, percussion, camping, golf, solar energy systems, renewable energy systems, stage lighting, traveling, enjoy welding, fabrication and mentoring students, Austrian economics