Below is a little more detail about some projects I have worked on over the years. I provide independent expertise in engineering and computer science to industries, governments, product developers and construction firms. Overall my career has been about 50% code development and 50% hands on development. Some of these projects are proprietary so I can not discuss them in detail and many of these projects were long term a year or more in development.


  • Attended undergraduate school – Bachelor’s of Science – Electrical Engineering


  • Commissions based technical sales


  • Generalized Emulation of Microcircuits (GEM) program, Gemes.com SRI defense contractor
  • Semiconductors, logic design, library creation and layout
  • Program integration using more than a dozen scripting languages
  • Circuit design & clean room lab work


  • Attended graduate school – Master’s in Business Administration – International Business
  • IT management and development
  • E-commerce using C#, PHP, SQL and other programming languages and tools


  • Event organizer, stage lighting and entertainment, Texas Motor Speedway was one of my clients


  • Many renewable energy projects, wind, solar & hosted many training seminars
  • Commercial and residential projects through out the Dallas Metroplex
  • Solar installations and metal building projects, heavy equipment operation and managing construction crews
  • Custom solar applications designed custom solar mounting and solved industry problems
  • Solar generator full product design, attic ventilation product design
  • Consulting for corporations on product design work including satellite solar poles and secure solar containers
  • Solar car design and full electric vehicle conversion
  • CAD and code development of tube cutter for building custom vehicle frames
  • E-cig full CAD design and product development
  • Construction advanced CAD design work for construction firms
  • Portable office POD mechanical chair arm CAD and micro-controller programming, prototyping and assembly


  • IT work and IOT development including blockchain, cryptography and frameworks
  • Software development projects integrating Node and PHP front end to control equipment or log data
  • Texas Home Base full front and back end big data web development including custom encryption
  • Other websites, dedicated hosting and site maintenance for businesses clients 
  • Blockchain training and seminars including consulting for insurance, banking and inventory management
  • Permission based Blockchain integration custom coin and using blockchain for permanent messaging
  • Board development and code integration web front and back end for smart control of locks and other peripherals
  • GPS tracking devices custom technology board development, micro controller code and front end integration
  • Crypto currency container mining farm and mining facility, custom cooling environment for miners hosted at my facility
  • Hardware and front end development of smart PDUs specifically for high power data center applications
  • Advanced non-disclosure engineering development projects using programming, CAD and microelectronics skills